About Us

About Us

About Us

Three Continents Foods LLC partners with a select group of pre-qualified processors from around the world, delivering a very wide range of high quality, sustainable, responsibly sourced frozen seafood products to our valued customers across the United States.

Three Continents imports its impressive variety of frozen seafood products from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Chile as well as Europe.

Three Continents ensures a consistent, top quality product via its network of independent quality assurance inspectors in each of our supplying countries. Via our network, in addition to rigorously inspecting all quality components of each and every shipment, we are able to independently verify factory conditions, standards, processing capabilities and expertise plus certifications and accreditations including BAP, BRC, MSC, ASC, Sedex-SMETA, BSCI, Organic and others.

Three Continents is committed to supplying our customers with superior quality product at highly competitive prices while providing a best in industry standard of service.

Three Continents supplies our customers with the tools necessary to help them grow their business and thus ensure our own continued growth and success in the future.

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Three Continents Foods imports top quality frozen seafood products from premium processors throughout Asia, The Americas and Europe and distributes across the continental United States

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